Welcome to Brannock

You may have never heard of Charles Brannock. You may have never heard of his invention, the “Brannock Device”. You do, however, know what a “Brannock Device” is and have used one throughout your lifetime dating back to when you were just a toddler. A regular guy, with a regular product that just so happened to become an industry standard since 1926.

Ok, so, “Todd, what exactly is ‘Brannock’?” Well, in all honesty, I’m not quite sure what it will be “exactly” yet. Will it simply be a blog for the “regular” guy & girl outlining general musings, opinions, pop-culture, observations and other nonsense? Will it be a blog for the sneaker industry? Will it be something entirely different altogether? At this point, I’m not quite sure.

What I can tell you is this.

  • I am new to this.
  • I am unsure of blogging code (written or unwritten), etiquette, ethics, or any other “procedure” besides just writing.
  • I am unsure of how often I will be able to offer new content because “life happens” (work, gym, recreation, other obligations, etc). But I’d hope to be able to contribute somewhat regularly as the the inspiration hits.

This is me taking the drop. Now let’s see where this wave takes me…


Words by Todd Krevanchi (@krvanch)


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