Why I love the Zoom Vapor 9 Tour – Air Jordan III, but wouldn’t buy it.

Tonight, at the US Open, we saw a conglomeration of two of the greatest of all time in their craft… actually three.

Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, and the link between the two, Tinker Hatfield.

The partnership between the two legends of Nike Tennis and Basketball is bridged by the legend in Nike design using features from his iconic Air Jordan III design and placing them upon his recent Zoom Vapor 9 Tour silhouette. The use of these two silhouettes and design elements is almost a perfect marriage.

zoom vapor 9 iii

Full disclosure, I’ve never been one for any type of mash-up or hybrid at all, and I’ve been very outspoken on my disgust with what I call “the bastardization of signature Air Jordans”. The Spizike. 6-17-23. You know, taking some of the Jordan line’s most popular features and making pedestrian LEGO creations .

But this is different. This is artistry.

And it doesn’t mean I’ll buy it.

Think about it, what would you wear?

Take the Zoom Vapor 9 Tour for example. Let’s look at it from a silhouette standpoint, strictly by silhouette. It mostly resembles the Air Jordan XIX low. You remember that right? It was essentially this shoe, 10 years ago.

white cement low

And these two shoes are doing what? Trying to recapture the visual audience using one of Nike’s most recognizable design elements.

But something is still drawing our eye to the Zoom Vapor 9 Tour, and by all accounts it’s simply adding the Air Jordan III elements to the shoe. Something that Mache and JBF working together could do. So, what are we looking at? The world’s greatest custom?

Yes, I love the look of the Zoom Vapor 9 Tour – Air Jordan III hybrid. It’s nice. It’s fresh. It has clean lines. It’s lighter. It’s just really, REALLY nice. But when it all comes down to it, if I want to wear a shoe that looks like that, that has all those design elements and an Air Jordan on the tongue, well, I know what I’d rather wear…

Air Jordan III white cement

Words by Todd Krevanchi (@krvanch)


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