Stuart Scott. 1965-2015


I’ll have to admit, upon his arrival at ESPN in 1993, I wasn’t a fan of Stuart Scott. I was in college and still majoring in Communications. I was a Dan Patrick guy and looked at him as the standard. I thought a lot of what Stu included in his delivery was too much; that he was trying TOO hard to create his footprint.

As the years passed, I realized that he wasn’t creating his own personal footprint to stand out among industry giants, but was introducing and integrating an entirely new concept in the way news was delivered… conversationally… and in the conversational tone of a previously unrecognized demographic in national news reporting.

Subsequently, others followed his lead. Maybe not with the same flash or over-the-top catch phrases, but with their own conversational style.

His philosophy is probably not acceptable in all forms of news reporting, and that’s fine. But there is no doubt that he was a pioneer and trail blazer in a sense of how sports and entertainment news is broadcast today.

This morning we lost a great one.

Rest easy Stuart…

words by Todd Krevanchi (@krvanch)


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